Battery and Chargers

The LizardQ's battery is good for about 200 panoramic images when capturing continuously (depending on HDR mode and exposure settings). Alternatively, the LizardQ can sit idle for about 8 hours from a single battery (idle endurance), with the internal computer and WiFi link all turned on.

See pricing for the complete price list with order codes for battery and chargers. International mains plugs available (one plug included). Chargers do not include any batteries.

Battery Display

The 63 Wh Lithium Ion battery can be charged using the LizardQ's internal charger. Using an external charger is optional. The battery has an LCD indicator that permanently displays the battery's remaining charge.

The battery is of type "Inspired Energy NF2040" and can be sourced from the manufacturer, from third parties, or from LizardQ.

Capacity:63 Wh
Weight:340 g (0.75 lbs)
Dimensions:22 x 150 x 59 mm (0.9 x 5.9 x 2.4 ")


Single-bay charger CH5000

Single-bay charger and calibrator. Charges a single battery at a time.


Dual-bay charger CH5050

Dual-bay charger and calibrator. Can charge or calibrate two batteries simultaneously (shown here with batteries, not included).


Universal input charger CH7000

Single-bay charger and calibrator with universal input. Can be powered from an AC adapter, from a 12V car outlet and even from a solar panel (not included).