Complete System

LizardQ Complete Systems

LizardQ including all necessary parts – ready to operate.

500 Megapixel
Zeiss 18mm + Canon EOS 5Ds
EUR 24,900.-
200 Megapixel
Sigma 15mm + Canon EOS 5Ds
EUR 23,900.-
150 Megapixel
Sigma 15mm + Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
EUR 23,900.-
100 Megapixel
Sigma 15mm + Canon EOS 6D
EUR 22,070.-
Additional lens/camera combinations are supported but not listed above (i.e. not preferred). Please contact LizardQ for details.

Barebone System

LizardQ Barebone Devices

Needs additional parts to operate. Contains LizardQ motorized camera mount, pre-aligned lens, carrying case and some accessories only. Add Canon camera body, batteries, iPod/Smartphone, etc yourself.

200 or 500 Megapixel
LizardQ Barebone with Zeiss 18mm lens, image resolution depends on Canon camera in use
EUR 21,000.-
100, 150 or 200 Megapixel
LizardQ Barebone with Sigma 15mm fisheye lens, image resolution depends on Canon camera in use
EUR 20,000.-
Additional parts required for operation, see below.

All prices exclude VAT and shipping. 19% VAT may apply depending on the shipping destination and customer's taxation status. We ship worldwide. For export deliveries, duties and taxes may apply (responsi­bility of customer). Please inquire for shipping costs and delivery times. Please see our terms and conditions.

Upgrading an existing LizardQ system

Most existing LizardQ systems can be upgraded with a selection of Canon camera bodies or another lens to operate at different image resolutions.

We supply lens kits, ready to use. It is not necessary to send your LizardQ in to have it upgraded. Easily swap lenses in the field, it's just one finger screw. Optical alignment will remain unaffected. Please note that one lens kit is included with every LizardQ shipment, see above.

The LizardQ system can operate with a number of full-frame Canon camera bodies, each body provides a specific image resolution and some other minor features.

Zeiss 18mm lens kit
for 200 or 500 Megapixel
complete with clamping ring, pre-aligned, image resolution depends on Canon camera in use
EUR 2,400.-
Sigma 15mm fisheye lens kit for 100, 150 or 200 Megapixel
complete with clamping ring, pre-aligned, image resolution depends on Canon camera in use
EUR 1,400.-

Rent before you buy a LizardQ

LizardQ offers one-time evaluation rentals

  • Attractive day rates
  • Credited back when you buy
  • Easy to use, no training required
  • Phone support included


Please ask early for availability and reserve your rental slot.

Operator needed?

LizardQ systems are available with and without an expert operator. Ask for an operator if you are uncertain about the workflow, want to make 100 percent sure you get the results you need, or you'd just like to have an extra hand who can pitch in.


Please contact LizardQ for your individual rental offer. The rental fee is EUR 320.- per day and will be refunded with a purchase within 6 months (this applies to your first rental only). Minimum rental duration is 3 days, discounts are available for longer rental periods.

What's in the box? What else do you need?

The "LizardQ Complete System" comes with everything you need to start taking panoramic images right out of the box. No additional parts are required (except for a computer).

The "LizardQ Barebone Device" needs additional parts for operation. We left out equipment that you might already have or prefer to procure from local suppliers.

The following table gives a complete overview of what you need to fully functionally operate a LizardQ. You may order each individual accessory with us, or buy it locally and possibly save or simply use already existing equipment.

Optional accessories, e.g. an external battery charger, are available.

Component Complete System Barebone Device
LizardQ robotic camera mount Included Included
Lens, precision aligned Included Included
Carrying case Included Included
Tripod adapter Included Included
AC adapter Included Included
Software and User Manual on USB stick Included Included
LizardQ Stitcher and Viewer Included Included
Battery Incl. (2 pcs)
Canon camera body Included
Memory Card Included
Tripod with carrying bag Included
Apple iPod touch Included